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IMERETI (Encyclopedia GEO-RUS-ENG)

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A Few Words about this Encyclopedia This encyclopedia deals with the history of the Imereti region and it is the first of its kind to ever be published. My objectives are simple: to collect various materials in one book and then to share the knowledge with a wider audience about one of the most wonderful regions of our mother-country with its impressive past and present, including its geographical uniqueness and rich and deeply rooted cultural traditions. Encyclopedia “IMERETI” relies on a number of official sources: encyclopedias, scientific-popular books, newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, manuscripts, historical documents, etc. The authors and titles, of these sources, as well as various references to materials that I obtained in Kutaisi and the eleven districts of Imereti are provided at the end of the encyclopedia. Together with the monuments of Georgian architecture we gave special attention to the unique natural monuments that in the future may become important destinations for international tourism. Not only are various materials about people, who were born and lived in Imereti presented, but also information is shared about those people whose lives they impacted and whose activities are or were connected with Imereti and Kutaisi over the years. The book presents information about the writers, scientists and arts workers who have fallen victims to the terrible political repressions in the 1930s. Also, included are the names of those that were killed, immigrated and continue to live in foreign lands, and those persecuted scores of years under Soviet censorship. Many outstanding specialists who significantly contributed to the development of their country were not included in any official publications during their lives or the time that the Soviet Union existed. Common georgian given names are conveyed in their original forms in Russian and English laguages. Nevertheless, these people have been now included in this publication, albeit overdue, to illustrate that many people, regardless of political orientation, made great sacrifices, and in some cases were forced to give up everything, even their lives, to support Georgia in its advancement and protect it from its domestic and external enemies that have sought throughout the ages its ultimate destruction and occupation. In this book, the reader can explore and discover some of Georgia’s famous people who are lesser known, and visit less traveled or known geographical sites. Many obscure and almost forgotten facts that are seldom included in other reference materials are shared. In many instances, such information was not ever previously recorded in any known historical sources. This publication is our best effort attempt to provide the reader with as much information as possible about these persons, places and events. The reader can find thematically diverse and a wide range of materials about all eleven districts of Imereti and Kutaisi filled and enriched with past and modern information. It’s noteworthy to mention that in the list of communities and villages, all the villages of the region are included, and separate articles are given only about those villages, which are distinguished with architectural or natural monuments, historical, economic and other aspects. Our researchers have spent the last three years exploring and collecting materials for this encyclopedia. Naturally, it is obvious that such a timeframe is too short for a full-fledged presentation of everything related to Imereti, but it may be enough to incite a Georgian or a foreign reader to become interested and intrigued with the region of Imereti. And, finally, I want to thank you, the reader, for the very fact that you have already opened the encyclopedia “IMERETI” and that is the first step in getting to better know our rich history and cultural traditions. Nanuli Tskhvediani, Compiler and Editor-in-Chief of the encyclopedia




















IMERETI (Encyclopedia GEO-RUS-ENG) PSbooks

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